Progress, not Correction

I took Abby to school, then took Hugo to the local dog park.  There, he had a play with Alfie and another dog — a few good run arounds, two poos, good sniffs and some social time — before I took him home.  I heard the voice scolding me:  “That wasn’t very much exercise for him — he really needs more! and”You didn’t exercise!”  But I didn’t take them on. I said to myself:  I took him out for some exercise.  Some is better than none.  Good for me.  I’m planning to have a swim before I see my physio today. That will be some exercise.  And some exercise is a lot more than I usually give myself.  So that’s where I am right now.  I’m learning to put down the whip because God knows it hasn’t helped me to become fit.  “Easy Does It” is worth a try.

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One Response to Progress, not Correction

  1. Koko says:

    Every little counts! My mum would be very slack if i did not keep reminding her to take me to the park. Sometimes when we go I just sit and “Be”. She wonders why I bothered but just being is positive in itself.
    Love from KoKo


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